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Creating Wednesday night playlists



Allah-Las - Sacred Sands

Mars Argo - Don’t Call Me
Taking the award for most beatalicious use of a ringtone

"Southeast Asia Treasure Vol. 11"

How have I not discovered this yet? Loving these 60’s SE Asian tunes. 



Local Natives- “Mt. Washington” [Remaster] from the album “Hummingbird”

(via controllablechaos)

(Source: Spotify)

The Sonics - Have Love will travel


Needle - Born Ruffians

When I was a boy wished that i was older, wished that I was taller, tall enough to see, see the things I see today.

Now I wish they’d go away. How they’ve led me far astray, stray from what I need.



They told me that the ends
Won’t justify the means
They told me at the end
Don’t justify the dreams
That I’ve had since a child
Maybe I’ll throw in the towel
Make my (make my)
Make my (make my)
Departure from the world

The Roots » Make My (ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Dice Raw)